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As we operate in the manufacturing sector, we have a responsibility to understand and mitigate the extent of our environmental impact. First and foremost, we produce in limited quantities to avoid excess inventory and waste.

For this reason, especially for high-demand jewelry, immediate availability may not be guaranteed. In such cases, a "sold out" notice will appear, and you can proceed with a pre-order. You will receive a notification when the item is restocked and shipped within 3-5 weeks. More about our responsibility as a habit, here. 


RYPEAT jewelry is made of recycled sterling silver, and they are gold/rhodium-plated using galvanic baths. All our products are protected against oxidation and surface alterations. Our creations are conceived, prototyped, made, and packaged exclusively in Italy, crafted by hand with great care and infinite passion.

The most commonly used technique for our jewelry is the ancient lost-wax casting method. Each of our pieces retains elements of uniqueness, and possible small imperfections are the result of a craftsmanship process. Furthermore, every item is completely nickel-free.


Every product purchased on this site is delivered in its own packaging. At RYPEAT, we care about environmental conservation and aim to reduce waste, so we've decided to leave the packaging choice up to you. This way, you can customize how many boxes are associated with the products you are purchasing.

If you add multiple products to your cart, the packaging option will be displayed on the relevant page. You can choose to have each product packed in separate boxes or have the products placed in a single box. Alternatively, you can request your preferred arrangement by entering your instructions in the dedicated field.


RYPEAT jewelry is designed to be worn regularly, every day and on all occasions. Normal daily use and external factors such as air humidity, temperature, pollution levels, contact with cosmetics, and skin perspiration can contribute to a reduction in the brilliance of silver surfaces.

The extent and speed of this phenomenon are unpredictable; however, keeping the jewelry beautiful and shiny over time is easy: avoid contact with corrosive agents such as detergents, creams, and perfumes, and protect them from water and chlorine. To preserve their brilliance, store them separately in clean pouches or cases, in dry places, and away from heat.

To maintain the product's shine, it is a good practice to gently and regularly wipe the surface with a soft cloth, taking care of the jewelry's finish and any stones. In the case of heavily worn products, you can use non-abrasive products specifically designed for jewelry cleaning.

Most of the products available for silver cleaning on the market can be used safely as long as they are used properly. We discourage the use of products containing ammonia, alcohol, acids, or chemicals that may be too aggressive. More about care habits here.