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RYPEAT rings are produced in one size for simplification. The size of our Habits ring corresponds to Italian size 13 and European size 53. The specific measurement for the inner diameter of the ring is 16.9 mm, and its inner circumference is 53 mm.

How to Measure

If you already have a ring that fits comfortably, you can use it to measure the inner diameter with the help of a ruler with visible millimeter markings (if the ring is not perfectly circular, measure the shortest distance). Otherwise, you can measure the circumference of the finger on which you intend to wear the ring using a string or a thin strip of paper. Mark the point where it meets around your finger with a marker, then lay it flat on a ruler. Be sure to measure at the exact height where you'll wear the ring, and ensure that the string moves easily along the length of the finger. Once you have your ring size, choose the corresponding size from the chart.

If you're unsure if the size is correct for you, we recommend checking if the fit is generous: fingers are often slightly more swollen at the end of the day than in the morning, or in particularly hot or cold periods. Also, keep in mind that our hands are not perfectly identical, and fingers on the hand we write with often have a greater circumference.

When comparing the fit of our ring to one you already own, keep in mind that rings of the same size may have a slightly different fit depending on their design. Larger rings, for example, which tend to wrap around the finger more, will have a smaller fit.

Finally, remember that you can always rely on the return service in case the ring size is incorrect.

Bracelets and necklaces

The length of bracelets and necklaces is expressed in centimeters and is one-size adjustable. You can measure the circumference of your wrist or neck where you intend to wear the bracelet or necklace using a string or a thin strip of paper. For the bracelet, we recommend adding a couple of centimeters to ensure the most comfortable fit.

We invite you to consult the "Details" section within the product presentation page. Here, the wording "Clasp with adjustable links" indicates that although the jewelry is available in one size, you can still adjust the size by attaching the clasp to an inner link rather than the end, making it shorter. The length stated in the product presentation refers to the length of the bracelet or necklace when laid flat, always with the widest possible clasp setting, and does not include the logo tag.