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Taking proper care of your jewels is a good habit that will help them to last longer and keep them looking their best, which will help you feel your best when you wear them.

We use the finest materials and the latest plating techniques using a thick layer of 18 kt gold to ensure the best item longevity. Therefore, we advise you to follow our recommendations for preserving the shine of your Rypeat jewelry for the years to come.

Here below, are few good habits:

- Remove jewelry before washing hands, showering and sleeping.

- Avoid contact with creams, perfumes, hydro-alcoholic gel, chlorine and salt water. If this happens, rinse and dry carefully.

- To prevent natural oxidation, don’t leave your jewelry in an enclosed space and choose a well-ventilated place instead.

- Store in its jewelry box. If you live in a particularly humid climate, add a piece of chalk or a silica gel sachet into the jewelry box to reduce moisture and humidity.

- Avoid storing your silver jewelry with non-precious metals.

- Regularly wipe down your jewelry with the included cloth to maintain its shine and avoid oxidation.

- Don’t be afraid to wear your Rypeat jewelry. The more you wear, the less it will tarnish.